With the coming of another joyous holiday season, it's time for Antique Talk's annual wish list.  On the first, second, third, etc., day of Christmas, may Santa give to me …

20. A hand-tied antique feather Christmas tree.  Preferably a tall example weighed down by hundreds of highly collectible antique German Christmas ornaments called Kugels.

19. My very own Lost in Space lunch box.  The 1967 dome top model with the Robinson's chariot, space saucer (Jupiter II) and "robot" depicted on front and back under a comet streaked sky.  Santa, don't forget the original King Seely Thermos.

18. An original Frederic Remington Bronze.  Either "Coming through the Rye" or "The Buckaroo," depending upon availability.  Legend has it that one or two original Remington's were cast in solid silver.  That would be more Christmasy.

17. A Teddy bear.  I would prefer blue mohair, brown floss nose and mouth, tan felt paw pads, shoe button eyes, jointed legs & arms, swivel head, straw stuffing, excellent condition.  A 1902 example personally made (with ear button trademark and papers) by wheel chair bound Margaret Steiff would suffice.

16. A Princess Diana celebrity gown.  In a beautiful final act of class Diana donated the proceeds of her Dress Auction to charity.  I would love to see my date in the Victor Edelstein's blue silk velvet dress worn by the Princess at President Reagan's State Dinner.  I think the Princess danced with John Travolta that night.

15.  A Paul Revere silver teapot.  I am also fond of Revere's 1770 engraving "The Bloody (Boston) Massacare," that helped incite the American people into Revolution.

14.  A Peter Carl Faberge (b.1846) egg made for Czar Nicholas II.  I am trying to collect a dozen.

13.  A semi-used major league baseball: Mark McGwire's 70th.

12.  A labeled flat top Newport, RI circa 1765 Goddard Townsend block and shell carved mahogany kneehole desk.  A secretary from the same school brought 12 million a few years back.  I need something to put my computer on.

11.  An Italian circa 1709 tiger maple Violin bearing the original label of Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno.  I'll also need a bow and lessons

10.  A garaged 1957 Chevy convertible in mint condition.  Spoke hubs, original blue and white two tone paint, and felt dice hanging from the rear view mirror would be a nice touch.  I just saw Grease.

9.  One of Judy Garland's "Ruby Slippers" used in The Wizard of Oz.

8.  An original work of art by either Da Vinci, Rockwell, Van Gogh, Monet, Homer, or Linda L.  Something with a frog in it.

7. A 1966 Flexible Flyer sled and a big snowy hill.

6. The lyric score of Don McLean's masterpiece, Vincent.

5. An early 18th century folk art weathervane wrought by Boston artisan, Shem Drowne.  You can see a 1721 Drome cockerel perched on First Church, Cambridge, MA and his famous 1742 grasshopper mounted on the cupola of Faneuil Hall in Boston.

4. A signal that passed away friends, including our family dogs, Muffy and Jacque, are happy in heaven.

3. An antique cookie board carved by 19th century New York carver, H. Congers.

2. An antique Native American peace pipe, and I'd like everyone in the world to take a draw from it.

1.  The original art clip from Bill Watterson's last newspaper cartoon; "It's a Magical World," showing Calvin, Hobbes and their toboggan marching out into a freshly fall blanket of snow.  We miss you guys!

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