Always get a receipt.

Buy what you like.

Carefully inspect for condition.

Develop a relationship with a trusted dealer.

Educate the mind, excite the eye, instill the heart.

F requent quality auctions, shops, and shows.

Gladly pay a premium for old surface and reliable provenance.

Hallow old objects which make a house a home.

I f it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Junk is never a good buy, collect quality.

Keep emotion lidded when considering purchase.

Learn to be patient, observant and inquisitive.

Make all buying decisions before the sale begins.

Never try to outsmart a dealer in the rain.

Offer less than is asked for.

Purchase those pieces which add value to your collection.

Question that which looks antique, but not old.

Regard that which is old, but not antique.

Seek anything intellectually interesting.

Touch, gaze, smell, listen.  Velvet ropes are for museums.

Unless wear is where it belongs, it does not belong.

Venture into collections not yet collected.

When in doubt, don't.

X-it any business that decries its competition.

Yaks are of no use at a tag sale.  Travel in a van.

Zen is a place with old pipe boxes hanging on the wall.

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